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Energy of ‘Holy Colours’ – [2015]

Energy of ‘Holy Colours’ – June 2015 In NCA Artist-In-Residence Program, Amina Ansari established herself with teachers and students of NCA to contribute in her project, as they painted one or two motifs on canvases and mannequins.

Practicing the inner peace and society issues on one to one and group basis. On her Canvas she painted interfaith and community era.

Safia Sher (Sunni from Islamabad), Kim Hyun (Christian from Korea), Raj Kumar (Hindu from Hyderabad), Mohsin Shafi (Muslim from Sahiwal), Marjan Bani (Shia from Iran) and the artist herself from London as ‘Muslim’ as she believes in sufism and community project on wider level.  She also went to Lahore bazaar to get the taste of ‘Soil of Lahore’ on her floor artwork by collecting metal junk.

Teachers, Staff and Students were not from Painting department as they are from all different backgrounds and learned to paint for the first time or after a long time, by contributing and learning in this project.  They actually learned and demonstrated by Amina Ansari.

Saud Baloch (teacher from Sculpture), Ali Baba (teacher from Masters Visual Arts), Ahsen Asif (teacher from Diploma Fine Arts), Fazelat Baqir (Secretary of Masters Visual Arts), Affifa Khan (teacher of Communications), Suleman Mengal (Alumni of NCA – Sculpture), Syed Hasnain Raza (Alumni of NCA – Textiles), Sunaina Zainab (Alumni of NCA – Textiles), Akif Khan (Alumni of Nca – Sculpture), Hassan Khan (Student – Fine Arts), Ayesha Khaliq (Masters Student – Visual Arts, Syeda Iffat ( Diploma Student of Calligraphy), Nimra Jahangir (Student of Fine Arts), Maira Mustafa (Student of Communication designs), Gohar Naqvi (student -Architecture), Tehreem Anwar (Student of Fine arts), Nauman (Student of Fine Arts).

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